The Loaves:

Sour Dough’s:

White: no yeast, long fermentation. Delicious, long lasting, great toasted.

Rye: 100% Stone ground light rye flour very long fermentation. Heavy loaf, sliced thinly has a deep dark flavour.

Maslan: a light wholemeal loaf made with 50/50 mix of organic white and stone ground wholemeal flours and sourdough.

Traditional Breads:

Aphrodite: crunchy-malted grain flour packed with delicious pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds topped with deep flavoured poppy and sesame seed mix. Although best eaten on day of purchase this loaf stays fresh for several days and after that makes great toast and it brings out the flavour of the seeds.

Country White: Hand shaped a traditional loaf made with organic undyed white flour with a hint of barley added to give a deeper flavour.

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil: pieces of sun dried tomato mixed with fresh basil unbleached white flour: great with cheese and toasts brilliantly

Greek olive: Fat luscious Kalamata black olives unbleached white flour with hint of barley topped with poppy seeds. Perfect with salad, cheese and vegetables.

Spelt/ Roman: people have used this wheat for centuries then in the 1950’s it became too hard to process for the bread and milling industries. Fragile structure its high in minerals and taste it’s a fantastic rediscovery. (Try adding 2% Rye sourdough)

Brown: 100% wholemeal, long fermentation. Deep flavour satisfying hungry families.

Mediterranean: olives, peppers, herbs, and tomato.



Wigwam Cakes and cookies are made with the best organic ingredients that we can find. Handmade they have no artificial flavours or colours, no hydrogenated fats or modified starches…. Just pure goodness…Yummy!

Gingerbread: Made to our own recipe, our Ginger Cake is sticky and full spices and stem ginger pieces. A real taste sensation.
Wheat flour, unsalted butter, golden syrup, molasses, dark unrefined moscovado sugar, free range eggs, stem ginger pieces, ground ginger, mixed spice, cinnamon, baking soda.

Station: We remember the cakes we used to eat at the station buffet on the way home from school whilst waiting for the steam train home at Winchester station. This is our re-creation!
Unsalted butter, wheat flour, ground almonds, unrefined sugar, dark glace cherries, free-range eggs, milk.

Chocolate Pudding Cake: A hit with all who try it! Dense with chocolate yet light, some eat it with ice cream, others warm it and enjoy it with cream, at home we have it naked and unadorned (the cake that is!).
Unsalted butter, dark moscovado sugar, wheat flour, dark chocolate, eggs, vanilla, bicarbonate of soda.

Fat Venus Cookies: Full of seeds and dried fruit these are good for you (and your love life).
Jumbo Oats, vegan margarine, unrefined sugar, wheat flour, pumpkin seeds, raisins, golden syrup, coconut, spices, vanilla.

Chocolate & Cherry Brownies: A brownie for sophisticated adults although we are told children enjoy them too, if they get their hands on them!
Unsalted butter, dark chocolate (73% cocoa solids), eggs, sugar, wheat flour, dried cherries/

Coconut & Raspberry Slice

Cake of the Month
Whatever takes the bakers fancy this month!

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