Artisan baking brings back into the bakery the craft skills that have been almost lost by a generation brought up on mass-produced breads and baked goods. Artisan bread isn’t so much about the bread as the baker. At Wigwam we hand make our loaves with the care of a craftsperson. The end product is a blend of the highest quality ingredients, skill and time so that our dough’s mature and develop texture, flavour and style.

Our excellent breads are made by hand from choice organic ingredients in our kitchen in Creetown. We make breads both with and without yeast, they are free of artificial flavours, additives and chemical “improvers”. All we use is time and enthusiasm to develop the deep flavour and rich compositions you’ll find in all our baked goods.

We have been producing excellent breads, vegetarian pies, scrumptious cakes and cookies from our tiny kitchen since 2001 when the business stated by accident. A friend with a café tasted the bread we made for our table at home and asked us to bake for her too. It seemed a good idea so we did and we haven’t stopped since. We believe that small is beautiful so where you can get your hands on Wigwam products is limited.

We don’t sell from our premises in Creetown so your best chance is to find us at our stall in Gatehouse every Saturday morning from 9.30 am although come early as we tend to sell out quickly!

Guaranteed Freshness:

Cakes and cookies are made the day before they are sold, our fabulous roasted vegetable pies and the breads are made and baked on the day of sale. Everything we sell is fresh and Baked with integrity

Try Wigwam at Cream O Galloway at Rainton near Gatehouse and at Café Cree in Newton Stewart.

Wigwam products are cleverly made for discerning customers

Wigwam Community Bakery
55/57 St John Street, Creetown,
Dumfries & Galloway DG8 7JB

t. 01671 820455



Sorry but Planning restrictions mean Wigwam’s premises are not open to the public.